Eventos Vai Uri

We invite you to live an unforgettable experience in the most famous place of Rapa Nui, well known for its sunsets. For your party, meeting, o simply to enjoy the sunset, we provide all you need for you can live an amazing moment with local food.
Tel : +56 984618860
Email : vaiurieventos@gmail.com
Facebook : Facebook.com/Vaiurieventos

Kari Kari


The winner for 15 consecutive years of the Tapati Rapa Nui, the cultural show Kari Kari is the most experienced group of Easter Island.
Address : Atamu Tekena s/n,  Hanga Roa , Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : +
56 962227137
Email : balletculturalkarikari@gmail.com
Facebook : Facebook.com/Kari-Kari-Ballet

Maori Tupuna


Maori Tupuna is a Rapanui music and dance group, who perform for tourists. Their show is very beautiful and intense. They demonstrate the rhythms of the music, traditional costumes and the rapa nui language.

Address : Policarpo Toro s/n,  Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Email :
Facebook : Facebook.com/maoritupunaotematatoa

Te Ra'ai


Come and take part in a traditional Rapa Nui experience through the cuisine "Umu Pae" (a traditional earth oven)  with our ancestral cultural group "Haha Varua"
Address : Te Ra'ai Calle Kaituoe S/N ,  Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : 
+56 322551460
Email : reservas@teraai.cl
Web Site : www.teraai.com