Mana'u Rapa Nui was born from a dream of many years to create a place that could represent the culture and beauty of Easter Island. The shop offers many unique and special souvenirs inspired by the flora and fauna that makes this island so beautiful. It captures the iconic fish, flowers, the most precious petroglyphs, historic symbols and the whole culture of Rapa Nui with a respective view of its environment, its people and its history.
Address: Policarpo Toro s/n, Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile
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Facebook : Facebook/manaurapanui

Pae Pae o Gallo

Sells books and literature on Rapa Nui. T-shirts, souvenirs, crafts and gifts.
Address: Te Pito ote Henua s/n, Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile
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+56 322551420
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Facebook : Facebook/paepaeogallo

Rapa Nui Natural Products 

We are a small company dedicated to the manufacture of handicrafts made with materials from Easter Island, such as jam, soap, bath salts, oils and salts and kitchen spices, and delicious chocolates shaped as Moai. Rapa Nui Natural Products is also the manufacturer of the cosmetics line Anakena, a range of natural products for body care (perfume, face cream, body lotion and exfoliating shower gel), made from top quality products with a Polynesian aroma.
Address: Ana o Ruhi s/n, Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile
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+56 32 2552084 - +56 9 98763869
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Facebook : facebook/Anakena.Cosmetics

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A shop with an outstanding history for having outdoor equipment and clothing for the traveler that needs it. The official Rapa Nui representative of the prestigious brands: - Patagonia - The North Face - Reef - Hawaiian - Stoked among many others ...
Address: Te Pito ote Henua s/n, Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua - Chile 
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Facebook : facebook/uahu/