Heva Eco Lodge

Heva Eco-Lodge has been designed for a unique experience. The eco-project has evolved and you can find that style and modernity are in harmony here, mixed with the spirit of Easter Island.  Ideal for nature lovers as you can find endemic vegetation, natural caves, manavai, hare moa, pipi horeko: all typical volcanic stone structures on the 5-hectare park overlooking the ocean. Every element of Rapa Nui is present here.
Address: Av Miru s/n, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : patriciaedmunds@gmail.com
Website : www.hevaecolodge.com

Cabañas Inaki Uhi

Inaki Uhi is the ideal place to stay while visiting Easter Island. We are located on the main street close to the local pubs, restaurants, services, etc. We offer 15 rooms with private bath and maid service.
Address: Atamu Tekena s/n, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : paatan@entelchile.net
Website : www.inakiuhi.com

Cabañas Mana Nui Inn

If you are looking for a place to have a pleasant stay in Easter Island, Cabanas Mana Nui Inn is the right place for you. The cabanas are new, quiet and safe with a wonderful ocean view.
Address: tahai s/n, isla de pascua - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : Mananui_inn@tahoo.com
Website : www.mananui.cl

Marae Cabañas Premium

Marae Cabanas Premium offer 3 cabins that are hidden amongst exotic vegetation. Each is designed with ample space to provide comfort and entertainment for the whole family. The cabins are in an excellent location as they are within walking distance to the main attractions of Hanga Roa.
Address: Tu'u Koihu s/n, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : info@marae.cl
Website : www.marae.cl

Pikera Uri Lodge

We invite you to enjoy our Lodge for an unforgettable stay with quality services. Surrounded by gardens & horses you can immerse yourself in the Rapa Nui environment.
Address: Sector Tahai, Tekerera s/n, Isla de Pascua - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : pikerauri@gmail.com
Website : www.pikerauri.com

Cabañas Rapa Nui Orito

Rapa Nui Orito, the rooms come fully equipped with kitchen, safe, color TV, private bathroom and are designed and adapted for the comfort and autonomy of our customers. Located approximately 8 minutes from the center of Hanga Roa by car, it is located in a quiet and safe place so that you can fully enjoy your stay on the island.
Address: Av Hotu Matua s/n, Sector Orito, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel : +56 322550155
Email : reservas@orito.cl
Website : www.cabanasrapanuiorito.cl

Hostal Taniera

Hostel Taniera has been offering its services since 1992. At that time the flights to Rapa Nui were scarce and hotels were non-existent. B&Bs and hostels were set up as an opportunity to increase the income of some families. Families offered very basic room and board within their own homes for tourists that visited the island.
Address: Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel : +56
Email : ecohostaltaniera@gmail.com
Website : www.taniera.cl


Address: Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel :
+56 322100463
Email : tauraa@entelchile.net
Website: www.tauraahotel.cl

Cabañas Tautira

Welcome to Cabañas Tautira, Easter Island. Come and see this beautiful place, full of beauty and tradition, and enjoy our friendly service, comfortable accommodations and unbeatable location.
Address: Tuki Haka Hevari s/n, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel : 
+56 322100273
Email : jjtautira@gmail.com
Website : www.tautira.cl

Hostal Tekena Inn

Hostal Tekena Inn is run by its owners. They focus on family tourism so their visitors can enjoy the stunning culture and pleasure of being part of the wonderful life of Easter Island.
Address: Atamu Tekena, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel : +
56 322100289
Email : tnahoecalderon@gmail.com
Website : www.tekenainn.net

Cabañas Tokerau

Rapa Nui is a special place and with Cabanas Tokerau you can enjoy the adventure by staying in the best place so that you can get to know this paradise. Its design and construction stand out for its high standard of quality, comfort and everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. You will find yourself surrounded by nature, dances, music and mystery.
Address: Atamu Tekena s/n, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Tel :
+56 322100023
Email : tokerauconsultores@gmail.com
Website : www.cabanastokerau.cl

Cabañas Uru Hao

Uru Hao is a family company dedicated to its B&B services. The cabins include all their own facilities and all the services necessary to provide a happy stay for our visitors
Address: Atamu Tekena s/n, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa - Chile
Email : soniahaoa@gmail.com
Website : www.uruhao.cl